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Things I would love to have in Day One

(Dieser Post ist in Englisch, weil ich da mal Lust drauf hatte und vielleicht liest ihn jemand, der bei Day One was zu sagen hat! (Bestimmt nicht))

You may have noticed that I am a huge fan of Day One. I’ve been using it since the end of July 2012 and I've written about 700 entries to date. That’s more than one each day.

Overall the apps are quite good, however I still have some feature requests. Over the last few months I collected them and now it’s time to let the world know!

Native support

I love Moves. I love Day One. It would be perfect if both could interact somehow. Some time ago, I wrote a script to automatically create journal entries that summarize my Moves data of the day. Today I deleted all of them because they did not feel right between my normal text entries.

In the last major version Day One added a map view to the desktop app. Unfortunately it is quite useless for me now, because I write the majority of posts from home. If the app could import my movement data and display it in some fancy way, it would be awesome.

Tagging people via

It would be nice if I could “mention” people in my journal entries using data from my address book. Currently I use the builtin tagging functionality for this but it’s not perfect. Most of my tags only include the first name of the person. If I met someone with the same name, he/she gets a new tag with first and last name.

Yeah, I could get my shit together and modify all tags to include first and last names, but altogether a dedicated way to mention people on my entries would be better, I think.

Importing conversations from

Sometimes I’d like to just include some snippets from an iMessage chat in my entries. In the last weeks I often told someone stuff about my day and later had to write everything again to put it into Day One.

Yes, I could just use copy paste, but that does not look very nice. A “custom” post type for conversations would be perfect!

Import music from

The latest version of the iPhone App added support for getting “Now Playing” information from the Music app. In addition to that it would be nice to have a function to import this information from, maybe like my Song of the Day page, getting the most played song of each day.

(This is a feature I could build myself by creating a script that modifies the DayOne files on the hard drive, but it would, of course, be nicer if built in directly)

Support for custom fields

Meanwhile we have a lot of meta information for each journal entry. Weather, location, now playing songs, step counter. I would like to add my own custom fields for things like “How much money I spent today” and “What did I eat today”. Just to have some additional data for each day.

More than one picture per entry

Currently you can only attach one picture to an entry. To add another picture, you need to create a new entry for a day. Per se that is only a minor discomfort, but I think I would like it more to have the ability to add multiple pictures to one entry.

Well, that is it for the moment. Just some small points that would make Day One an even better app to record my life. Maybe someone at Day One thinks like me and implements one of the features.

(Or sends me the source code and lets me build it for myself)

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